About Us

Advancing the Value in Education Equity 

We are committed to providing a measurable school readiness outcome for students in preschool- 3rd grades challenged by inequality and lacking access to quality educational resources. We focus on developing a path and support systems that promote academic achievement and success in reading, writing, language and literacy, and math for marginalized students, especially Black boys and girls, PreK-to-3rd grades from low-income families, communities, and schools. 

We identify policies and practices that create the trajectory that predestines marginalized students, especially Black boys and girls, from preschool to 3rd grades, into the school-to-prison pipeline. We design unbiased, researched-based professional development, coaching, and training through an equity-centered lens focusing on diversity, inclusivity, and a service paradigm that expresses the importance of education equity within our school system.

We also offer CLASS Observation Training through TeachStone,  First Aid and CPR, AED, BSL  certification through the American Red Cross, and Management Assaultive Behavior and Crisis Prevention training and certification, through American Crisis Prevention & Management Association, to educators and those who work as direct support and service providers.  

CLASS Affiliate Trainer

First Aid and CPR/ AED, BLS Instructor

American Crisis Prevention & Management Association